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Cherry Blow dry Bar is a great salon franchise offering blowouts, hair additions, extensions, braids, extensions, manicures, pedicures, and more. We offer affordable prices on high quality services for all types of hair. Our experienced stylists and professionals provide a wide range of services designed to suit your style and needs. Most salons utilize Cherry Blowdry Bar, Pureology, Hotheads, or professional cosmetics lines to provide you with the best!

I’m sure you have had the experience of trying to get that perfect haircut, or trying on that perfect dress and being totally embarrassed because of a mistake that you made during the blowout. How embarrassing! Well, if you ever had a problem with your blowouts, then maybe it’s time to try out a cherry blow dry bar. I think that they’re a total necessity in this day and age when everyone has to look their best.

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As a matter of fact, I think that it’s just as important that people pay attention to themselves as it is to how they look. Maybe people feel like they look washed out, or too old, or even unattractive when they don’t have that perfect complexion that they want. Well, with the cherry blow dry bar, you will no longer have to worry about it. With the use of this amazing blow dry bar, you will feel like you’re getting a professional pedicure every time. I know that I felt like I was completely turned off from blow dry bars before, but after using a cherry blossom blow dry bar, I just feel like I’m going to need one.

I guess that I did not realize that this woman actually closed down her two other cherry blow dry bar locations but actually opened up another blow dry bar. It’s the same woman who now owns that company. It’s all crazy, especially considering that all of these women had to get trained by this same stylist! All this is very suspicious.

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Now the inside of the store also stunk of cigarette smoke. The woman that worked there constantly did not make eye contact with me and avoided my questionnaires. I am still not positive about her motives. But she did make eye contact with me and answered all of my questions but did not want to answer any of my questions. This woman made it known to me very early on that she did not want to answer any questions. She told me several times that she had nothing to do with blow drying my hair. She made it very clear to me that she did not want to deal with me.

If I had known that this woman had a criminal record and several complaints when it came to customer service. Then I would not have taken my chances with her. I am not saying that blow drying your hair is wrong. I am just saying that you should be aware of your employees. Know who they are working for if you plan on hiring them. If you don’t want to get sued because of the negligence of one of your employees. Then you need to do your research and find the most qualified person to blow dry your hair for you.