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How to Blow Dry Hair

Without Damaging Your Hair!

The knowledge about blow drying your hair is not limited to professional blow dryers in India. There are many easy steps you can take to learn how to blow dry your hair without risking damage.

If you want to learn how to blow dry your hair the right way, then you must start with the fundamentals and one of the fundamentals is understanding the different types of blow dryers available to choose from. There are many cheap as well as branded blow dryers available in the market. It is not just the brand that matters but it is also the quality of the gadget.

When we talk about the different types of blow dryer, two main categories are – the permanent and diffused type of heat technology. The diffused technology uses the fan-style evaporator and the best blow driers in India are the ones manufactured by Bajaj All Natural hair care products. Best blow dryers by Bajaj are available at all leading beauty stores and even on the internet.

These are the best hair dryers as the high-speed fan evaporator is set at a high temperature and ensures complete drying of the hair. The fan spreads the heat evenly all throughout the hair shafts so the damage due to uneven heating is reduced. The Bajaj Avanti 2.5 is one of the most popular models available with this company. It has twin motors which speed up and slow down the speed depending upon the need of the hair at that moment and this also ensures that all the sections get dried equally. You can even use it without the hair comb by using a brush to blow dry your hair.