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The Benefits of Redken No Blow Dry

Redken No Blow Dry

Redken No Blow Dry is a light, airy cream styling spray designed to give your locks fullness and bounce. This airy blow drying styling cream for thin hair gives a quick medium moisture, effortless look and feel with a noticeable no product feel for days when you cannot or do not want to blow dry your hair. Great for those of you taking on your daily routine but still want that simple, airy look with maximum bounce, Redken No Blow Dry is for you. There are many other full-blown hair care products out there but none compare to the texture, shine, and staying power of this product. Benefits:

Airy Cream- Fullness and Effortless Texture

The Redken No Blow Dry Airy Cream Styling Spray for Thin Hair is super fast drying with a full body finish and effortless texture for any hairstyle you want or need. The airy formula helps protect and refresh your hair from the heat and humidity while providing a natural shine and softness. Also, it is formulated with vitamin E, essential oil to help nourish your scalp and hair, leaving it feeling rejuvenated.

Redken Air Pilsner (A/P) – Use After blow drying

This styling spray helps build body and weight with the use of its unique air-dry technology. Use after blow drying for a full body effect and added body for a frizz-free look. The lightweight formula helps prevent excessive heat style from weighing down your style. It leaves hair looking healthy and shiny.

Redken No Blow Dry Shampoo and Conditioner

Fullness and Effortless Texture. Create soft, shiny hair that will not weigh you down with heat styling. With Redken’s innovative moisture-attracting conditioning technology, this shampoo is an instant, effortless way to lock in moisture and give you a healthy, bounce-free hair that you can be sure won’t fall out. This deep conditioner is a lightweight, moisture-rich shampoo ideal for those who need a rich, thick lather without a lot of effort. This conditioning shampoo leaves hair softer, smoother, and more shiny than ever.

Redken No Blow Dry Extreme Hydrating Serum

Extra moisturizing deep conditioning for extra smoothness and rich, intense moisture-attracting shine. This serum helps protect the hair from excessive heat styling with its advanced moisture-deflecting technology. It leaves hair silky and healthy-looking. It works with a brush or flat head, and with any type of hair, to create the soft, silky, and ultra-soft effect desired by every style.

You may have tried other products before that weren’t as good as the

The No Blow Dry line by Redken takes blow drying to the extreme and provides you with an effortless, airy feel from head to toe. The result is a frizz-free look with instant sassiness. And it leaves hair feeling super soft and smooth. With all these benefits and so little time involved, this is one blow dryer you really don’t want to miss.