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What You Need to Know About the Blow Dry Bars

Blow Dry Bars

I’m a big fan of blow dry bars

As my wife says, the blow dry bars are our one true method of getting great hair results in the shortest amount of time possible. I’ve used blow dryers for years, but my hair is always kind of short and limp. I want to try something new that will add height and volume to my hair, without going through the same tedious routines that other people’s hair take. That’s when I decided to check out the San Diego blow dryer boutique.”

The blow dry bars in San Diego offers a blow-dry styling, high end combs, and color. “Blo is North America’s first blow dry bars and the world’s largest blow dry bars network. You are not cheating your stylist. No chemicals, no color, just wash, rinse, go!” –The Blowdry Bar Blog

Coupons for your next visit to the blow dry bars?

The store boasts a crazy variety of coupons and promo codes, offering big savings on a variety of products including blow dryers, curling irons, and more. To apply your coupons, simply login to the website. To maximize your savings, shop around the different categories, types, colors, or brands that the San Diego store has to offer. Once you’ve found the items you want, enter your coupon code during checkout.

The Blowdry Bar also features a “VIP” promotion

For $100 or more, you can bring your stylist into the blow dry bars for an exclusive photo experience. This is not an affiliate promotion – the San Diego salon is owned by the blow dryer company. So, they are allowed to give away free products in this way). The “VIP” code entitles the recipient to an appointment with the stylist for a one-hour blow drying session. In return, the client will get an additional full head massage for free as well as a blow dry, haircut, and styling. With this deal, clients save up to fifty percent on both appointments!

As with any promo or discount program, there are a few cons as well. Blow dryer coupons aren’t as widely available online, so they aren’t as easy to find. Also, clients must be willing to drive to the San Diego salon, which could take extra time. Also, those who regularly visit the blow dry bars might feel a bit put out to see it advertised on television or in magazines, because of the ads for the product being seen in these places. Salon owners say the cons are too many to count, but the pros definitely make it worth a look.

The blow dryers in the San Diego area are also found in other high-end salons

These include the Fashion Institute of Los Angeles and the Fashion Institute of San Diego. If you’re visiting the area, it might behoove you to do a bit of research. Before you visit one of the luxury salons. Since the blow dryer promotions do tend to be more generous at the high-end spots. The pros definitely outweigh the cons here. It may just be the ideal way for you to get your daily hairdryer needs without flying to a distant city. Whether you need a new hair dryer for a wedding or an important workday. The San Diego area has some of the best options out there.