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Which Hair Removal Cream Should You Use?

Hair Removal Cream men

Best For Sensitive Skin: Glide Away Sensitive Formula Hair Removal Cream For Face, Arms & Underarms Just like you would a daily deodorant (also you could use it on the arms and bikini line), you simply apply this oil-based lotion on your underarm only as much as you need to keep your armpits free and clear. Turn up the dial on the dispenser to dispense more cream and gently glide it across. If needed, touch your arm again to remove excess. If desired, repeat as necessary. This can be done up to three times daily depending on the sensitivity of your skin.

Ingrown Hairs Best For Sensitive Skin

Ingrown hairs is not just unsightly but annoying as well. And if you’re like most men and women, particularly those with a lot of facial hair, ingrown hairs can be downright painful. So in order to get rid of them, try one of the depilatory creams specifically designed for sensitive skin. These contain super-hard chemicals designed to cut through the hair and remove them completely, safely and painlessly. Unlike waxing or shaving, using depilatory creams for ingrown hairs will not leave you with nicks, cuts or scars.

Permanent Hair Removal Cream For Face

The Phenomenal Results of Creams specially formulated for facial hair removal cream comes in very handy when it comes to removing unwanted facial hair. Most females shave in order to avoid having “trimming,” which is the action of removing hairs by tweezing. But often this action leaves behind stubble and ingrown hairs that are difficult if not impossible to remove without some form of laser hair removal. But using a good depilatory cream that contains powerful chemicals, this problem is solved. This permanent hair removal cream comes in different varieties, each designed to treat a particular problem area of the face.

Anti-Shaving vs Hair Removal Cream

Anti-shaving creams work much the same way as depilatory creams except instead of applying the chemical directly on the hair follicle, the cream works on the surface of the skin so that the hair actually falls off along with the follicle. Many women do actually enjoy the effects of this process. It gives them a smooth, hair-free face. As with shaving though, if it’s done properly (and is done by a professional) the result can look very good, especially if the hair removal cream contains triclosan. Triclosan is an antibacterial agent which is designed to help kill bacteria and fungus.

Lipset Pricking Cream

Some women have problems with ingrown hairs on the sides of their face, and these can be very difficult to get rid of without using some sort of cream. The best thing you can do to eliminate this problem, and achieve a smooth finish, is to use a lip pricking cream. These are creams specifically designed for the purpose of removing ingrown hairs. While they don’t actually prick the skin, the action of the cream causes the hair to come out along with the follicle.

Depilatory Creams

There are also some really good depilatory creams available today. They are designed to be absorbed through your skin (they are similar to an astringent). And they are made with all natural ingredients, including aloe vera. However, the best kind of depilatory cream is made with the combination of both wax and aloe vera. When used regularly, they provide a great, smooth finish and almost instant results.

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